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  1. PrimaLuceLab - ESATTO 2" Robotic Microfocuser



    Wanting to change your stock focuser because it isn’t sturdy enough and lacks precision? Do you want to improve the internal focuser of your SCT telescope? ESATTO is the next generation robotic focuser for telescopes, specifically designed for astrophotography but, thanks to specific technologies developed by PrimaLuceLab, also works extremely well for visual use. Forget about external controllers and cumbersome hand pads - ESATTO is the ALL-IN-ONE focuser that has all the features you’ve dreamed of in a compact, sturdy focuser design.

  2. PrimaLuceLab - Sesto Senso Robotic Focusing Motor


    In stock

    Compatible with most focusers, the PrimaLuceLab Sesto Senso telescope motorized focuser offers vibration free focus control and connects seamlessly via USB to the PrimaluceLab EAGLE or a Windows 10 computer. Remotely control your focus with excellent precision and ease. The Sesto Senso is supplied with ASCOM drivers and has the ability to adjust by just 0.7 microns. Please see the full description for compatible focusers. 

  3. PrimaluceLab - Temperature sensor for Sesto Senso Focus Motor


    In stock

    Turn your PrimaluceLab Sesto Senso focus motor into a temperature compensating focus control with this temperature sensor.
  4. PrimaLuceLab - Dew Heater for 60mm Diameter Telescopes


    In stock

  5. PrimaLuceLab - Vixen & Losmandy Dovetail PLUS Plates

    Starting at: $39.00


    Grouped Products

    Like all the elements of the PLUS system, this plate is made with high precision mechanics (built with CNC machines from aluminum block) and specially designed to enable you to easily install other mechanical components such as support rings, guide rings or dovetail clamps.
  6. PrimaLuceLab - PLUS Support Tube Rings

    Starting at: $78.00


    Grouped Products

  7. PrimaluceLab - ECCO Computerized Dew Controller for EAGLE


    In Stock

    The ECCO by PrimaluceLab allows for automated control of dew heaters, when paired with an EAGLE. The ECCO or Environmental Computeried Controller will continuously monitor the surrounding air temperature and humidity and will calculate the dew point to further adjust for lens temperature as well. Dew heaters will then be automatically controlled to keep your telescope perfectly dew free. The ECCO connects to the EAGLE via USB.
  8. PrimaLuceLab - AC Adapter for Eagle 12.8V 12AMP

    SKU: PRI-PL1000024

    In stock

    12V 10 amp AC power adapter for PrimaLuceLab EAGLE units designed for cooled cameras and higher power consumption systems. Screw on connection ensures your EAGLE stays plugged in.
  9. PrimaLuceLab - Eagle Power Cable with Anderson Connector with 16A fuse - 250cm

    SKU: PRI-PL10000AND

    In stock

    In order to power the Eagle (which in turn can power all other connected devices) you can use a battery or an A/C power supply. If you already have a battery of sufficient capacity, you can connect to Eagle with this 12V power cord. On the one side it has the Eagle screw connector, on the other one it has an Anderson connector with 16A fuse to avoid  polarity inversion.

  10. PrimaLuceLab - Dew Heater for 80mm Diameter Telescopes


    4-6 Weeks

  11. PrimaLuceLab - Dew Heater for 100mm Diameter Telescopes


    In stock

  12. PrimaLuceLab - Dew Heater for 120mm Diameter Telescopes


    4-6 Weeks

  13. PrimaLuceLab - Dew Heater for 150mm Diameter Telescopes


    4-6 Weeks

  14. PrimaLuceLab - Dew Heater for 200mm Diameter Telescopes


    4-6 Weeks

  15. PrimaLuceLab - 2" Field Flattener for AIRY BLACK


    In stock

    The PrimaLuceLab 2" Field Flattener for AIRY BLACK is designed to produce a very large flat field and is best used with cameras with large sensors up to APS-C. This ensures pinpoint stars even at the edge of the field!

  16. Primalucelab - DX finder base for AIRY refractors


    In stock

    The Primaluce DX finder base is installed on AIRY refractors, allowing you to install finder supports from many brands.

    The DX base provides 4 slots to allow mounting with 4 screws (not included), up to the M4, either with flat or round head. On the bottom side there is a double curvature to perfectly fit with various sizes Hybrid-Drive focusers.

  17. PrimaLuceLab - 155mm PLUS Tube Rings - PLLANSU155P


    In stock

    Fully compatible with the entire PLUS line of accessories from PrimaluceLab, these tube rings have an inner diameter of 155mm. The rings are finished with beautiful and durable red anodized finish with clamshell closures and are drilled to readily accept a wide range of dovetails and other accessories. Typical telescopes with 155mm diameters are the Takahashi TOA 130 and FS 152.
  18. PrimaLuceLab - Big Dovetail Clamp Vixen+Losmandy PLUS


    4-6 Weeks

    The PrimaLuceLab Big Dovetail Clamp for Vixen+Losmandy PLUS is a dual saddle plate capable of accepting Vixen or Losmandy standard dovetails. The Big Dovetail Clamp was designed to carry especially heavy loads and will retain rigidity and strength for years of use. Two locking bolts hold your equipment firmly and securely in place.
  19. PrimaLuceLab - PLUS Curved Blocks for C8, C9.25, C11, EdgeHD 800, 925 and 1100


    In stock

    Use the PrimaluceLab curved riser blocks to attach to your Schmidt-Cassegrain C8, C9.25 and C11 or an aplanatic Schmidt-Cassergain EdgeHD 800, 925 or 1100 telescope by Celestron and connect a Losmandy type dovetail bar for mounting.
  20. PrimaLuceLab - Losmandy Plate 350mm PLUS - PLLLOS350P


    In stock

    The PrimaLuceLab Losmandy Plate 350mm PLUS helps install a telescope on mounts. 350mm in length, it is useful for medium sized telescopes like refractors up to 120mm and Newton up to 250mm on mounts with a Losmandy plate.

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