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  1. PrimaLuceLab - 31.8mm UHC Nebula Filter


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  • PrimaLuceLab - 31.8mm Variable Polarizer Filter


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  • PrimaLuceLab - ERF 100mm Energy Rejection Filter with 123mm Cell - DISCONTINUED

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    The PrimaLuceLab Energy Rejection ERF filters help reduce the amount of light entering the telescope when pointed at the sun by installing them in front of the optics. They are very important when used with DayStar Quark filters installed after the telescope optics.

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  • PrimaLuceLab - UV/IR Cut 77mm Filter


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    The PrimaLuceLab FullRange DSLR (DSLR cameras with modified internal filter that replaces the original one) are more sensitive than most cameras in the infrared or ultraviolet wavelengths. The UV/IR Cut 77mm filter helps regain better color balance when imaging with these cameras by inserting in front of the camera lens.

  • 4 Item(s)
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    Enhance your view of the night sky with a visual or imaging filter from PrimaluceLab.