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  1. PrimaLuceLab - Big Dovetail Clamp Vixen+Losmandy PLUS


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    The PrimaLuceLab Big Dovetail Clamp for Vixen+Losmandy PLUS is a dual saddle plate capable of accepting Vixen or Losmandy standard dovetails. The Big Dovetail Clamp was designed to carry especially heavy loads and will retain rigidity and strength for years of use. Two locking bolts hold your equipment firmly and securely in place.
  2. PrimaLuceLab - 5x50.8mm Manual Filter Wheel

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    The PrimaLuceLab 5x50.8mm Manual Filter Wheel makes it easier to change filters. With a maximum of five 50.8mm diameter filters that can be installed, the filter wheel simply rotates to change the filters. This filter wheel is great for large sensors (up to full frame 24x36mm) and the 48mm clear aperture helps avoid vignetting. The filter wheel uses a precise movement with ball bearings to properly set the filter.

  3. PrimaLuceLab - OnAxisLock 50.8mm Visual Back for SC Telescopes


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    The PrimaLuceLab OnAxisLock 50.8mm visual back for SC telescopes is directly screwed onto the back thread common in most Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes (like the SC and EdgeHD by Celestron or Meade) and lets you use all the 50.8mm diameter accessories.

  4. PrimaLuceLab - OnAxisLock 50.8mm Eyepiece Holder for 2.7" Hybrid-Drive Focusers

    SKU: PRI-OAL508HD27

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    OnAxisLock 50.8mm eyepiece holder for 2,7" Hybrid-Drive focusers replaces the typical eyepiece holder in AIRY ED100 and APO120 apochromatic refractors focuser and lets you take advantage and use all the 50.8mm diameter accessories.

4 Item(s)
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