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  1. PrimaLuceLab - Eagle Observatory with Power Supply -


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    Used Eagle Observatory with PL1000024 power supply.

  2. PrimaLuceLab - Eagle Power Cable with Anderson Connector with 16A fuse - 250cm

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    In order to power the Eagle (which in turn can power all other connected devices) you can use a battery or an A/C power supply. If you already have a battery of sufficient capacity, you can connect to Eagle with this 12V power cord. On the one side it has the Eagle screw connector, on the other one it has an Anderson connector with 16A fuse to avoid  polarity inversion.

  3. PrimaLuceLab - AC Adapter for Eagle 12.8V 12AMP

    SKU: PRI-PL1000024

    3-6 Weeks

    12V 10 amp AC power adapter for PrimaLuceLab EAGLE units designed for cooled cameras and higher power consumption systems. Screw on connection ensures your EAGLE stays plugged in.
  4. PrimaluceLab - EAGLE3 Q WiFi Hub & Cable Management with Pentium Quad Core Processor


    4-6 Weeks

    • The PrimaluceLab EAGLE 3 Q features a Pentium quad processor providing more processing power than the EAGLE3 but at a more affordable price than the EAGLE3S.
    • EAGLE3 Q offers the same advanced features of EAGLE3 (remote control, 8 USB ports, 7 power out ports, etc) and the same RAM memory and SSD storage but an even faster quad core processor to give you even more power for more demanding applications.
    • This Wifi mount hub is lightweight, compact for easy attachment to your telescope without adding significantly to the load of your system.
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  5. PrimaluceLab - EAGLE3 PRO Wireless Control Unit for Telescopes & Astrophotography


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    The PrimaluceLab EAGLE3 PRO is the most powerful version of the EAGLE3 and, thanks to i5 2.6 GHz Dual Core processor (with Turbo Mode up to 3,5 GHz), 16 GB fast RAM memory and increased storage space (SSD 500 GB) offer even more power for very complex systems making this an ideal choice for very advanced remotely controlled systems that have high power demands. The EAGLE3 PRO will support up to 1600 milliamps/ hour. All EAGLE 3 run Windows 10 and are a more stable and powerful solution to remote system control than a miniPC, with the added benefit of providing a convenient and compact solution to cable and power management.
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  6. PrimaluceLab - EAGLE3S Advanced Wireless Control Unit for Telescopes & Astrophotography


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    PrimaluceLab's EAGLE3 S is designed for more complex systems than the standard EAGLE3 with up to 1000 amps/hour in supported average power consumption. The EAGLE3 is an all in one solution for wireless system control, power and cable management. This compact hub is easily adapted to PrimaluceLab's PLUS adapter and ring system so it can be easily added to your telescope. Features like i3 2.4 GHz Dual Core processor, 8 GB fast RAM memory and SSD 250 GB storage with Windows 10, provide ample capability to run your choice of astronomy programs and more stable and powerful than a typical miniPC.
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  7. PrimaluceLab - EAGLE3 Wireless Control Unit for Telescopes & Astrophotography


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    The PrimaluceLab EAGLE3 is an all-in-one Wifi hub, power control and cable management system with a powerful built in computer running Windows 10. This single control hub allows you to spend less time dealing with complicated connections or worrying about proper cable management and is especially helpful for remote imaging systems. With SSD storage, an 8 port USB hub (4 high speed USB 3.0 ports plus 4 USB 2.0 ports that can be remotely turned on/off), this is an advanced power distribution system for all of your imaging accessories with 7 power out ports (4 x 12V out plus 3x variable 0-12V ports for dew heaters control) and a special WiFi system to remotely control the telescope from any smartphone, tablet or external computer (including Mac). Everything is controlled via the included EAGLE Manager software and housed in a beautiful rigid aluminum case designed to be compatible with the versatile PrimaluceLab PLUS mounting system, allowing you to perfectly connect the EAGLE to any telescope.
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  8. PrimaLuceLab - Eagle Cables *Please See Description for Cable Details

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    Power Accessories cable for Sesto Senso, Celestron, Meade, Losmandy, FLI, Orion, ZWO, QHY, QSI, ATIK, Explore Scientific, Starlight Instruments, Starlight Xpress, Optec, Kendrick, Daystar, Takahashi, iOptron and Many more.

    *Please See Description for Cable Details

  9. PrimaluceLab - EAGLE2 PRO Wifi Control Unit for Telescopes and Astrophotography

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    The PrimaluceLab EAGLE2 Pro is more than a computer and more than a wifi control hub, with an on-board 2.3 Ghz processor with a 256GB SSD disk. The EAGLE2 runs a highly stable version of Windows 10, provides wifi control of all of your devices and serves as a central power hub as well helping to minimize cable clutter.

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  10. PrimaluceLab - EAGLE2 Wifi Control Unit for Telescopes and Astrophotography


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    The PrimaluceLab EAGLE2 combines, in one device, a powerful computer with Windows 10 Enterprise operative system. Unlike mini PC’s, the EAGLE2 is a more stable and compact version of a typical computer and provides a highly advanced power management system for your telescope, mount, camera and astrophotography system. Because the EAGLE2 houses powerful processors and Windows 10, you can also store your favorite operating software here and seamlessly run your system remotely without clutter.
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  11. PrimaLuceLab - AC Adapter for Eagle 5AMP

    SKU: PRI-PL1000025

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    12V 5 amp AC power adapter for PrimaLuceLab EAGLE units. Screw on connection ensures your EAGLE stays plugged in.
  12. PrimaLuceLab - EAGLE CORE DSLR Control Unit

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    Do you want to take pictures of galaxies, nebulae and star clusters like an expert but you don't want to use a computer for long exposure astrophotography with your Canon or Nikon DSLR camera? Switch to EAGLE CORE and combine the high performance of an astrophotography telescope with ease the use of a star tracker!

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The PrimaluceLab EAGLE is more than a wifi hub, it's an onboard computer for your system capable of managing power and control for your mount, camera, focuser, guider and more. The EAGLE also serves as a cable management system, and allows for powerful remote control of your system. Available in a range of options, there is an EAGLE for every user from backyard astronomers looking for a simpler way to control their telescope and camera to full scale observatories.