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  1. PrimaLuceLab - PLUS Raisers for EAGLE CORE


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    PLUS raisers for EAGLE CORE allow you to install, on the side of its body, the 80mm PLUS guide rings without them to touch the EAGLE CORE body. This way you can install the guide scope on the side and fix the DSLR camera with its photo lens on top. This is the way to use your DSLR camera to record long exposure astrophotography of deep-sky objects with autoguide and without a telescope!

  2. PrimaLuceLab - Eagle-compatible Power Cable for SkyWatcher EQ6-R Mounts - 115cm 8A

    SKU: PRI-PL1000056

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    The Eagle control unit can directly power supply SkyWatcher mounts. We build appropriate 12V power supply cables with various lengths. The Eagle-compatible power cables have on a side the jack (for 12V power supply) of the instrument they are designed for. On the other side they have the plug with screw to prevent being disconnected accidentally from the Eagle.

  3. PrimaLuceLab - Eagle Power Cable with Anderson Connector with 16A fuse - 250cm

    SKU: PRI-PL10000AND

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    In order to power the Eagle (which in turn can power all other connected devices) you can use a battery or an A/C power supply. If you already have a battery of sufficient capacity, you can connect to Eagle with this 12V power cord. On the one side it has the Eagle screw connector, on the other one it has an Anderson connector with 16A fuse to avoid  polarity inversion.

  4. PrimaLuceLab - AC Adapter for Eagle 12.8V 12AMP

    SKU: PRI-PL1000024

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    12V 10 amp AC power adapter for PrimaLuceLab EAGLE units designed for cooled cameras and higher power consumption systems. Screw on connection ensures your EAGLE stays plugged in.
  5. PrimaluceLab - ECCO Computerized Dew Controller for EAGLE


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    The ECCO by PrimaluceLab allows for automated control of dew heaters, when paired with an EAGLE. The ECCO or Environmental Computeried Controller will continuously monitor the surrounding air temperature and humidity and will calculate the dew point to further adjust for lens temperature as well. Dew heaters will then be automatically controlled to keep your telescope perfectly dew free. The ECCO connects to the EAGLE via USB.
  6. PrimaLuceLab - Eagle Cables *Please See Description for Cable Details

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    Power Accessories cable for Sesto Senso, Celestron, Meade, Losmandy, FLI, Orion, ZWO, QHY, QSI, ATIK, Explore Scientific, Starlight Instruments, Starlight Xpress, Optec, Kendrick, Daystar, Takahashi, iOptron and Many more.

    *Please See Description for Cable Details

  7. PrimaLuceLab - Eagle Adapter for Dew Heaters


    4-6 Weeks

    Eagle adapter for dew heaters lets you power up to 2 PrimaLuceLab dew heaters at the same moment and directly from the Eagle (compatible for Eagle, Eagle Core and Eagle Observatory).

    In this way way you can power the dew heaters directly from Eagle without the need for other external power units or batteries.

  8. PrimaLuceLab - AC Adapter for Eagle 5AMP

    SKU: PRI-PL1000025

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    12V 5 amp AC power adapter for PrimaLuceLab EAGLE units. Screw on connection ensures your EAGLE stays plugged in.

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