Radio Astronomy

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  1. PrimaLuceLab - NSGen Noise Generator for Absolute Calibration


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    Goal of the Gain Calibration procedure is to calibrate the noise generator by performing several Total Power measurements (using BBC filters previously defined by the user) on a set of radio sources with radio flow known from the literature. Having selected the radio sources on which to calibrate, the procedure automatically plans the slewing, at different elevations, always considering the theoretical flux in Jy. Therefore, for each radio source, these Total Power measurements will be performed:

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  • PrimaLuceLab - Book "Radioastronomy: Introduction to Invisible Sky"


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    Are you interested in radio astronomy? Do radio telescopes fascinate you? This simple book will allow you to discover the amazing world of the Universe that our eyes cannot see but that we can study with radio techniques.

  • PrimaLuceLab - SPIDER 230C - Compact Radio Telescope


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    SPIDER 230C is the radio telescope that combines radio technologies with that of amateur astronomy in order to allow you to discover the world of radio astronomy with a powerful, modular and easy-to-use product! This radio telescope was developed by PrimaLuceLab to allow everyone to approach this fascinating science with this affordable, turn-key, high-performance product.

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  • PrimaLuceLab - SPIDER 300A - Advanced Radio Telescope


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    PrimaluceLab's SPIDER 300a is the worlds first professional quality compact radio telescope. The waterproof telescope allows you to use it anytime, in almost any conditions. The 3 meter high gain antenna is mounted on a specialized Alt-Azimuth mount optimized for superior tracking performance.

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